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For Uno Platform, I developed a Power BI KPI dashboard tailored to provide a comprehensive overview of key performance indicators critical to their business. It offers a granular view into essential metrics such as user engagement, market penetration, and operational efficiency.

It empowers Uno Platform to not only visualize but also to optimize their trajectory towards achieving key business objectives.

This initiative underscores a proactive approach to growth, fostering a data-driven culture that is pivotal for identifying opportunities, navigating challenges, and securing a competitive edge in the tech landscape.


KPI Dashboard

One of my standout projects with Dispatch Science involved the meticulous mapping of their core operational processes.

For Investors

It features a dedicated “For Investors” tab showcasing crucial metrics such as NuGet downloads, project volume, and the user base of the Uno Platform, offering a snapshot of growth and engagement.

Core Metrics

The “Core” section mirrors these metrics from an operational perspective, focusing on the fundamental aspects of Uno Platform’s adoption and reach.

Visual Studio & VS Code

Further segmentation includes a “Visual Studio” and “VS Code” tab, each highlighting the specific adoption metrics within these environments, including installations, project integrations, and user engagement.

Top Countries

The “Top Countries” tab provides a geographical breakdown of usage, identifying key markets and growth opportunities.

Bogus Traffic

The “Bogus Traffic” section offers insights into spam attacks and unwanted traffic, crucial for maintaining the integrity of data and focusing on genuine engagement.