Download Your Free “Supercharging Your Mind Mapping” E-Book

Supercharging Your Mind Mapping E-Book

Would you like to supercharge your mind mapping?

I packaged the Supercharging Your Mapping blog post series into an E-Book. It is available for you to download, right now, and for FREE.

Here’s what you will learn:

Part 1 : Mind Mapping Techniques to Create Your Mind Maps

  • Fast ways to insert a new element on the same level, reorder elements, and insert a parent branch
  • The best practices with relationships, callouts, boundaries, free floating elements and icons
  • The 3 components you can increase your speed with

Part 2 : Navigation Using Mind Maps

  • Expand, collapse and close branches quickly
  • Show X levels, and all levels
  • Right click to move the map
  • The best way to show a branch alone

Part 3: Power Mind Mapping With Formatting

  • Color-code your maps
  • Break your maps into sub-maps in only a few seconds


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