What Stories Are You Telling Yourself?

Storytelling (image created by Duarte inc.)Whenever we’re faced with big challenges or projects, the word “daunting” usually comes up. Whether it’s the work in front of us, or it’s our dreams and aspirations, the thought of the sheer amount of things to be done can be crippling.

We’re all told that the usual remedy for this is to break it down into smaller pieces. Take the massive project from a client and make detailed to-do lists. Come up with a daily action plan to reach your career goals. This is certainly good advice, but why doesn’t it always work?

We understand the world around us through narrative. A narrative is a retelling of a series of events. The important thing about a narrative is which elements of real life we choose to retell.

Here are the kinds of narratives we tell ourselves: Read more

How Feedback Loops Can Improve Your Business

How Feedback Loops Can Improve Your BusinessNearly every municipality has tried a long list of things to help slow down speedy drivers. Yet in 2003, in Garden Grove, California, something would finally succeed.

Officials in the Orange County community installed “dynamic speed displays,” or driver feedback signs. These signs display the speed limit, and, equipped with a radar sensor, show drivers their current speed as they approach the sign.

Thanks to the signs, drivers In Garden Grove slowed and speeds dipped. The strategy worked more than any other tactic, including warning signs, police presence or tickets. But what was so fascinating wasn’t just that the feedback signs worked, but why. Read more

This Powerful Visual Tool Maps Out Your Business

This Powerful Visual Tool Maps Out Your BusinessWhen you’re excited about a business idea, it’s easy to launch into action to start making it real.

But how can you be sure your idea will work? How can you be sure you’ve covered all your bases? How can you be sure your business model’s solid and your actions will pay off?

And what about if you’ve got an existing business? Have you built it on a solid foundation? Are there hidden “tweaks” you could make that would boost your results? How can you find them? Read more

The Science Behind Visual Thinking

The Science Behind Visual ThinkingA popular theory in regards to learning is the left brain and right brain thinking.

The suggestion is that people tend to process information with one side or the other. Analytical types who tend to use reason, logic, and numbers to understand the world are considered “left brain thinkers.” “Right brain thinkers” are said to decipher the world on a more visual and intuitive scale: processing the minute details in such things as facial expressions, color, and pictures, and turning them into a solution.

Scientists from the University of Utah debunked this myth in a study released in 20131. Read more

Learning Spanish with Mind Mapping

Mind Mapping to Learn SpanishLast year, around this time, I decided to work on my Spanish skills for the Colombia project with T2VC.

It was going to be my biggest single project so far with Fluent Brain.

And my role being that of a “program manager”, helping capture, organize and communicate information effectively, I wanted to improve my Spanish as much as possible before going down to Medellín in August.

We were going for two weeks to interview our client, as well as universities and support organizations. Read more