Stop Wasting Time & Money: How To Tune In To Buyers to Create Proposals That Sell

Stop Wasting Time Money - How To Tune In To Buyers to Create Proposals That SellWhen you send a proposal, it’s as if your prospective client has a puzzle and there’s one piece missing. If your proposal is the missing piece, if it snaps right into place then they say yes!

So how do you make sure to send them the missing piece that’s a perfect match to what they need and want?

You’ve got to know all about the existing puzzle.

When exploring the potential for a business relationship and analyzing needs, it’s easy to focus on the technical side: objectives, budget, size of project and specifications. We’ve been trained by school and business to focus on the facts and keep it objective.

But people don’t make buying decisions this way. If you want to supply the missing puzzle piece, your proposal has to not only be a technical match, but a psychological match too. Read more

How to Write an About Page That Sells

About us

Six Ways to Boost the Persuasive Power of Your Proposals with a Company Profile

Every proposal needs an about page or company profile.

Your About page gives you the chance to showcase your strengths, establish your credibility, and convey your value proposition. Problem is, most about pages commit cardinal marketing sin #1: They’re boring!

Here’s how to use a company profile as a strategic marketing tool. Read more

Crank Up the Persuasive Power of Proposals with High-impact Visuals

Crank Up the Persuasive Power of Proposals with High-impact VisualsWhen our client Doa was referred to us, it was just a few days before she’d be presenting her business project to a panel of judges.

A large cash prize was on the line, and she knew something was missing from what she’d prepared.

We looked over her presentation and outlined a strategy to make it impactful, emotional, clear and compelling. When it was ready, we sat back and waited for the news…

When it came, the news was good! She won the second place prize of $25,000 to fund her project.

Submitting a proposal to a client is not much different. Read more

The Magic Words to Getting More Proposals Accepted

Magic Words to Getting More Proposals AcceptedWhat’s gets in the way of your proposals being accepted? What if you could increase the acceptance rate by 10, 20, 30% or more?

A large event planning firm wanted to increase the acceptance rate of their proposals. They would speak with a company, get all the details of the event they wanted to create and craft a detailed proposal. Once sent, they would wait for an answer and hope it was positive.

The events this firm was proposing were impressive, outlined in detail with photos. They had a long list of corporate players on their client list. Yet too often, the prospective client would choose a competing agency.

What was going wrong? Read more

How to Get More of Your Proposals Accepted

How to Get More of Your Proposals AcceptedHow do you get more of your proposals accepted?

Proposals are one of the most underestimated business tools. Do them right and it can earn you millions of dollars worth of business. Yet very few companies have mastered the art of the proposal.

It’s easy to see proposals as another tedious “to do” on the long task list. While lots of time and effort goes into the project that will be proposed, the packaging it will be delivered in is just as important. How you present the project will influence the decision as much as what you propose.

You work hard to get leads, but if they leak out the other end of the funnel you’re wasting money. Improve your conversion rate by just 10% and it can mean tens of thousands of dollars or more of extra revenue per year with zero increase in marketing cost.

So how do you get more proposals accepted? Read more

8 Examples of Meetings Turned Into Results

8 Examples of Meetings Turned Into ResultsEveryday companies have meetings to turn ideas into results, but we all know it: most people feel that meetings are tedious, boring and even unproductive. So how do we make sure meetings are strategic business-building sessions that lead to action and results?

There are 4 areas in which businesses need to be efficient in order to turn ideas into profits: Read more

Managing Information Awesomely: The Challenge of the Future

SimplifierOne of the things that has challenged me the most as a Visual Facilitator is telling people what I do. My clients know and love the value, they refer others in their circle who need help getting clear, organized and productive fast to speed up their results. But when I meet someone knew and try to tell them what I do, sometimes I’m met with a blank stare.

Ok, ok, so it’s true… as a champion of visual thinking, verbal communication is not my strongest skill. I spend my days helping entrepreneurs and consulting companies rock their meetings and deliverables with visual tools.

Yet, truth is, figuring out how explain what I do so a business owner sees the value in a second has been on my list of to-dos. Read more

Visual Communication Gets Through: GO VISUAL and Get Results

Going VisualThe eyes have it! Online content is dominated by visuals: images, photos and videos.

A recent infographic from global communications company M Booth and media measurement and analytics company Simply Measured shows clearly that visual content now drives social media and online engagement.

Here are some of the salient stats:

  1. On Facebook, photos are liked 2X more than text updates.
  2. 42% of all Tumblr posts are photos.
  3. Photo and video posts on Pinterest are referring more traffic than Twitter, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn, and Google+. Read more

A Simple Tip to Declutter Your Mind And Ace Your To-Dos

Cluttered BrainWith projects, deadlines and to-dos constantly piling up, I’m sure it’s happened: You’re coasting along, getting stuff done and then bang, it hits you! You forgot something important… It completely slipped your mind.


Now what?

When that happens, you have to backpedal, patch things up and get things on track. After a couple of apologies and a load of guilt, you wonder, What can I do to never forget something important again?

It used to happen to me every once in a while, but not anymore. Read more

David and Matt Team Up: Visual Facilitation + Direct Marketing Expertise to Capture Business Models and Design Strategic Marketing Plans

David and Matt teaming upWhat do you do when your current business practices are just not getting the results you need? What do you do when you’ve got an important meeting in which the stakes are high, such as an appointment with your banker to get funding for your project?

This was the predicament of a client of mine when they called upon me for help.

This client had invested lots of money and years of effort in a project with great income potential, but despite the commitment of the team, they weren’t making sales. They were stuck because what they really needed was funding for a pilot project, but getting the dollars needed was proving to be a challenge as well.

The clock was ticking and a meeting at the bank was coming up. What could they do on a short schedule to turn around their results, get solid marketing strategies in action and convince the bank to give them a much-needed loan?

For help with this project, I asked my good friend, David Kynan, marketing strategist and direct response copywriter, to spend a full day with the team and I. Read more